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Does your partner get to have a say on your breastfeeding relationship?

I welcome my husband's input in the way I feed our kids. His thoughts matter to me. If I completely disregarded his thoughts and feelings on any topic, I think I'd be failing to meet my end of the bargain that is a marriage.

I don't think I'd stop breastfeeding on his request alone, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try and work with him through our differences.

The motivation behind his request would matter greatly to me. If it was because he:
- felt left out, I'd work on finding new ways to include him
- thought breastfeeding wasn't important I'd help him find more factual information
- thought breastfeeding was disgusting and sexual past a certain age I'd be reconsidering my choice of husbands.

I can value his opinion and give him space to have a say without giving him control of my body or my breastfeeding relationship with my children.

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Some people see a mess!

I see:
- cooperation
- creativity
- independence
- also a mess

How is your Monday looking?

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- July 11, 2017, 11:35 am

RT @LPearson15: I spent the arvo scrubbing dead mouse smell from the laundry. But I enjoyed that more than Yummy Mummies on our TV at the m…
h J R

- July 5, 2017, 8:20 am

Ready to try a new #breastfeeding position? Whats your favourite? We love sitting hold we call 'The Koala'… https://t.co/XKVtPkZvpr
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