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I was back at Stockland Green Hills today and spotted a breastfeeding mum in the food court.

She was sharing a table and conversation with another lady and a young girl, and was breastfeeding her baby while twisting the lid off a tube of soy sauce with her mouth, to pour onto her sushi rolls, which were neatly laid out in front of her.

I don’t want any parents feeling lonely or isolated and I especially don’t want them feeling hungry. But if we had to hide our breastfeeding in bathrooms and parents rooms, those negative feelings would be much bigger problems. I’m so glad this mama was happy to breastfeed in public ❤️❤️

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I come across women online often who say they don’t know anyone else who breastfeeds. Not a single person.

Knowing how many people live with this feeling of isolation makes me so thankful for having two sisters in law who are breastfeeding at the same time as me.

What a pair of champions they are 😍😍

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I’d been so excited to share a pic of myself wearing this dress. It’s a lot shorter and skimpier than I’d normally wear, but I’ve lost 9kg since Christmas so I was feeling brave.

I went to a gorgeous wedding today, surrounded by my family as we watched my husband’s oldest brother marry the love of his life.

Sadly my night is over at 8pm, after Mr 6 got sick. He told me he wasn’t hungry but I encouraged him to eat, knowing there wouldn’t be other options like there are at home. He told me he was tired but I insisted we had to stay because we are family and it was an important day for our family. He told me he felt sick so I told him to go to the toilet and to sit quietly for a while.

It was too late when I finally sat down and actually looked at him and he was clearly sick. By the time we organised someone to drive us to our holiday house, he vomited through the car.

I know that this is a part of parenthood, and these things happen. But a part of me (a very bitchy part that I try to keep buried down deep) is convinced that this is my punishment for being so wrapped up in something as superficial as a new dress.

Thankfully Mr 6 felt much better after emptying his stomach. Hopefully we both wake up tomorrow feeling a bit more cheerful.


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I still breastfeed my 3yo in public.

We’re at a very crowded cafe at holiday destination South West Rocks. Are people looking at me with disapproval?

🤷‍♀️ no idea.

Since being a mum, I’ve found that someone will always find something to disapprove of, whether it be your son’s long hair, your daughter’s blue shirt, the food and drinks you give, your weight, your hair or even the fact that you wear workout gear when you’re not actually working out (I do this all the time btw).

Breastfeeding is a part of my life and if a stranger on the street disapproves then frankly, that’s their problem - not mine.


PS Billy is actually having fun, he just likes to practice his frowning sometimes 😂😂😂

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Do you worry that your lack of routine and your reliance of breastfeeding to sleep is the reason why your baby often seems so tired? You’re probably thinking the fact that they never have long sleeps without waking for more milk makes things worse. Essentially you are worried you are doing something wrong.

- your baby is tired is because life is exhausting!
- your baby is tired because all that growing is hard work!
- being around this big, loud, bright world is exciting and scary and those big feelings are enough to make anyone tired
- it’s good that your baby drinks so much milk because it’s really really good for them
- your milk is the most delicious thing your baby has ever tasted

I don’t want to undermine anyone’s feelings, but maybe the reason I see these things whenever I see a post from a mum stressed about sleep is because I am not assuming the worst about her parenting skills, even though she seems to be.

You are probably doing a much better job than you think xox

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- October 26, 2017, 8:42 am

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- July 11, 2017, 11:35 am

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- July 5, 2017, 8:20 am

Ready to try a new #breastfeeding position? Whats your favourite? We love sitting hold we call 'The Koala'… https://t.co/XKVtPkZvpr
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