Breastfeeding through Pregnancy

We didn’t find out we were pregnant until almost the end of the first trimester. My toddler was 2yo and still feeding many times day and night. He continued to breastfeed as normal until around 20w, when he told me there was no milk left.
Around this time I started getting massive nursing aversions. I started to get worried I might throw him across the room whenever he latched on! He continued to dry nurse, but we started to redirect and distract him during the day, only breastfeeding for nap time. He had already started dropping his day nap before we found out we were pregnant, so it was really only once or twice a week he was having a breastfeed and nap.
After he seemed to be very comfortable without day breastfeeds, I started offering a sippy cup of water or a slice of cheese before boob during the night. About a third of the time he was happy with the sippy of water and a cuddle, about a third I had to get up and get him cheese, and the rest was just a quick boob after water and cheese.
We continued dry nursing until my colostrum came back in at around 28w. My toddler was very excited to tell me there was a tiny little bit of milk. The aversions started to ease a little once the colostrum came in. I was also glad my friend Lauren had warned me about colostrum poo in toddlers – we had some interesting nappies while his system adjusted!
Once I got to 32w I started expressing colostrum just as a backup, however this became difficult… as soon as I had any expressed into a shot glass my toddler would appear, throw it back like a hardened tequila drinker, rub his belly and tell me ‘mmmmmm yum!’.
I didn’t have any braxton hicks while breastfeeding my toddler, but I did notice that belly bub would move around to seemingly spoon with toddler when we lay down to breastfeed at bedtime. I breastfed right up to the day I went into labour.

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  1. Hi. I think I had a colostrum ( clear colour ) when I was 6 months. However, when I was 30 weeks, I found that one duct of my right nipple discharged blood. Another ducts are normal with clear colour. Firstly, it happened with my right breast but then, it also happened with my left breast but it already stopped for 1 day. However, my right breast is still going on. I’m now 34 weeks. I’m scared too much because I searched on gg and it also a sign of cancer.
    I also talked with my obstetrician and oncologist. I have a first result of an ultrasound 10 days ago and blood test but they are normal. I’m still waiting for a second result of an ultrasound.
    Anyone have the same problem with me 😭

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