The Perfect Excuse to Enjoy Exercise

Today my muscles are sore. My arms, shoulders, thighs, bum and belly all have that slow burning pain that you get after a good workout. I love that feeling!

I didn’t get this pain from conventional exercise though. Like most mums I know, I have a million excuses about why I can’t exercise – my husband works long hours, I have my kids with me 24/7, it’s too hot/cold/windy etc.

Another, perhaps more legitimate, excuse is that I can’t find an appropriate bra. My breasts are currently a 12/14F. Wire-free sports bras are rare enough, let alone in bigger sizes. And previously, any bra I found that was supposedly the right size without wires was too poorly made to actually contain my breasts well enough for anything more strenuous than a leisurely stroll.

Fortunately my friend Sam owns The Ayla Collection, a shop that specialises in items for breastfeeding women. After hearing some excellent reviews, I decided to buy a Cadenshae Ultimate breastfeeding sports bra.

At Sam’s advice, I bought a size 12 instead of a 14. Once I tried it on, I had an “uh-oh” moment, believing it was too small. But it’s marketed as a “high impact” bra, so I reasoned it should fit quite snugly. Truthfully, I’m not that comfortable in my skin, since it’s a little loose and not very streamlined anymore. Feeling something tightly fitted against my body is not a sensation I’m used to these days. I really loved the navy blue colour with the purple trim and I felt very sporty when I wore it.  After some consideration, I felt happy with the purchase.  But simply  owning a fabulous sports bra didn’t turn me into an athlete. Sam couldn’t sell me motivation or commitment, so the excuses kept coming.

Fast forward a few weeks and we received a party invitation at the local Inflatable World – a play centre of jumping castles and other giant inflatable structures.  This was the perfect opportunity to get moving!

Miss 18mo is quite capable but at a big play centre during school holidays, she needed some close supervision.  Cue mama following her around bouncy surfaces, up and down ladders, on my hands and knees through tunnels, occasionally lifting her from a crouched position up over slippery humps and running laps around the gladiator arena with her in my arms (the sensation of centrifugal force from the running in circles across a bouncy surface was quite exhilarating for both Miss 18mo and I).

As I put her down, Mr 4yo and some friends arrived to challenge me to a battle.  This required climbing onto some small, unstable surfaces with a big, padded pole to try to knock each other over.  I came out champion, but balancing with a weight in my arms on an inflatable dome was a full body workout.  My antics attracted a small crowd of amused on-lookers and delighted children, and the obvious disdain from the two teenage employees, hanging around to watch for unsafe activity.  I guess there’s no section in the employee handbook on how to deal with 31 year old women who are drunk on their own endorphins.

Winning at life, taking over the gladiator arena
Winning at life, taking over the gladiator arena


Testing out the big slide
Testing out the big slide

The party wound up seeing me hot, sweaty and a little achey in all the right spots – the bra worked perfectly.

Making the most of my breastfeeding sports bra
Making the most of my breastfeeding sports bra

It’s not always feasible to wait for your kid’s friend to have a birthday party at an inflatable play centre before you decide to get your body moving.  However the fun we had reminded me of why it’s vital to run around and be silly a little more often – my kids and I will treasure these memories forever.  I love to feel like I’m a fun mum.  Jumping on a trampoline, climbing trees at the park and giving “horsey rides” around the house make my whole family happier than any elusive intense, solo workout ever could.  And happiness is really the ultimate goal – exercise is a lucky bonus.

Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post, there are no affiliate links in this post and I was not paid to review my Cadenshae bra.

Do you have a good breastfeeding sports bra?

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  1. Oh awesome! I’m sick of being *aware* of my boobs whenever I run etc. I’ve never found a sports bra I liked – though I’ve stopped breastfeeding so maybe it’ll be an easier task now they’re not enormous.

    Also you look so happy bouncing around. It’s so good to let loose and just play. <3

    1. Thanks Rachel I seriously had so much fun! I can’t wait to go back again!

  2. Some of the best workouts I ever had were at play centres – it’s such fun – a great sports maternity bra like that would have freed me up more whilst breastfeeding, I’m sure!

    1. I agree Barbara! It’s nice to sit down and have a coffee and cake while the kids play, but it’s much more fun to find your inner child and go on a rampage too!

    1. The inflatables were great, I’m looking forward to going back again soon!

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