The Pumping It Forward Project  has proved to be highly successful since it delivered it’s very first pump in August 2016.  To date, it has seen 15 brand new, hospital grade double pumps gifted to professionals and organisations dedicated to supporting breastfeeders and their families.

The project is funded through commissions earned on sales with Spectra Baby Australia and Pumpables, with more affiliates to be joining us in the near future.

In December 2016, two very cool things happened.

Rodney Whyte (Therapeutic Medicines Specialist in Pregnancy and Lactation) at Monash Health, was so impressed with the work done by the Pumping It Forward Project, that he personally made a donation that paid for one pump for us to donate to another worthy recipient.  The pump Rodney paid for was sent to Susan Paterson at the Specialist Breastfeeding Service at The Northern Hospital in Epping, VIC.  Rodney’s generous donation is greatly appreciated and we just know that Susan and her team will put their pump to good use.

Perhaps even more cool is that Spectra Baby Australia are enjoying the success of our project so much, that they have thoughtfully offered to match our donations, pump for pump.  This means we get to give out twice as many pumps!


I have always known that our breastfeeding community was full of kind and thoughtful people, but these benevolent acts have made me incredibly proud to be a part of our Pumping It Forward Project.  We are sharing the love and creating goodwill for all involved.

The only problem is that our list of professionals and organisations fit to receive our donations is dwindling!  We never expected it to be as successful as it has been!  But I’m sure we’ll manage… Somehow 😉

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Do you know of a professional or organisation dedicated to helping breastfeeders and their families?  Please tell us about them!


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  1. Hey guys! If you’re having problems finding people to take pumps I’ll put my hand up for our ward at Latrobe regional hospital! Our ward caters for paediatric patients, which unfortunately happens to include sick babies and their mums. We currently have one pump which we use, that’s bloody ancient! We sometimes have to borrow a pump from our maternity ward if it’s either not working, or we require more than one.
    The pump we have works, and it’s not completely horrible… I would hate to think a much more needy recipient would miss out. But I’m sure it would be received with open arms.

  2. When my daughter was 6 weeks old she was in hospital following a respiratory arrest and I had to pump to give her measured amounts. The childrens ward at Wollongong public hospital had an ancient pump with a container full of spare parts that no one knew how to use. I had to go down 2 flights of stairs to the nicu every 3 hours to use a decent pump. This was in 2014 and I don’t know if they have been able to get a good one but I doubt it. It seems they are available in most nicu situations but not on childrens wards where babies are admitted if they have gone home after birth and return for some reason. Using the ancient pump almost ended our breastfeeding journey altogether, a decent pump.meant we were able to continue for a further 5 weeks.

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