I was recently sent a Discretion by Gina breastfeeding bra to trial. Robyn at Yummy Mummy Lingerie was keen to get my feedback on this brand new release.  My excitement levels were very high, because 99% of my current bras are cheap, stretchy crop tops with the other 1% being bras with underwires that don’t fit and that I can’t wear, but can’t bear to throw out.

As I need a size 14F, it’s hard to buy bras that fit in department stores. One thing that’s put me off buying bras online before is fear that they won’t fit. The first thing I noticed about Discretion by Gina is that it’s true to size – the 14F that arrived at my home actually fits me! The bra comes with more back strap clips than the usual 3 that comes with a standard bra, which makes it ideal for the post-pregnancy body.

This bra is quite different to other breastfeeding bras. It has an extra panel inside the cup that’s designed to facilitate hands-free breastfeeding. The design is actually patented, which I found really interesting. Nearly every breastfeeding bra I have worn before was basically of the same design, albeit some minor differences with clips and overall fit. Discretion by Gina is the very first bra I’ve ever tried on that had a noticeably different feature – if there’s ever been a cutting edge of breastfeeding attire technology, this is it!  For a twin mama, I imagine this feature must be invaluable.


It’s not especially tight, but what it lacks in support, it makes up for in comfort. When I consider that this bra has been made for new mums who have not yet mastered juggling a baby with perfecting attachment and positioning and burp cloths and covers, and for whom discreet breastfeeding is a major consideration, it’s relaxed fit is actually an advantage. It’s less likely to create or exacerbate blocked ducts, which are a significant factor for new mums.

But perhaps the most exciting aspect for me is how beautiful the bra is. It comprises of a soft pink satin fabric with a black overlay. It made me feel soft, feminine and a little bit sexy. It’s not an everyday bra, which is a good thing for me. If your bra is filled with old, worn, stretched-out bras that cost $10 for a 2-pack at Kmart, you probably don’t need another everyday bra either. You can buy Discretion By Gina direct from Gina or view this bra and many other beautiful items at Yummy Mummy Lingerie.  Buy yourself something nice, you deserve it.

**All views expressed in this post are my own.  I was given a bra by Yummy Mummy Lingerie to review, but did not receive any monetary payment in exchange for a favourable review**

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  1. This is another sort of breastfeeding bra however I figure we couldn’t think about anything before utilize it. You shared your own involvement here it cleared you got best outcomes and I think if ladies attempt this. They will likewise feel better to other typical bras.

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