I was extremely excited when I learned that one of my oldest and dearest friends had fallen pregnant.  If I was excited when Annette told me her news, I was having conniptions when she mentioned her intention to breastfeed.  WINNING!

Being the lactivist I am, and knowing the stockpile of invaluable but common items she was likely to get at her baby shower, I felt compelled to get her something uniquely focussed on her breastfeeding goals.

This was a perfect opportunity to gift a Golden Boobies Breastfeeding Box from Mamas Milkbar.  This is an assortment of breastfeeding awesomeness, curated especially for a new mama.  The box came beautifully presented in a black box with gold lettering.  It gave the impression of luxury, but the two breasts on the box also gave it an air of fun.  The following items came in the box:

  • Silicone pump (letdown catcher)
  • Breast shells (can be worn inside your bra to catch and store any drips)
  • “Breastfeeding Naturally”, which I would describe as a breastfeeding encyclopedia from the Australian Breastfeeding Association
  • Breast-friendly gel pad
  • “Galactacookies” mix
  • Handmade wool felt cabbage leaf
  • Washable bamboo breastpads
  • Some neat storage bags
  • A beautiful letter of encouragement

The Mamas Milkbar team have recorded a video demonstrating what’s included in the box.



Annette and I had so much fun when I gifted her this box and we went through the items one by one.  As Annette doesn’t yet have any kids, all of the items were very novel and new to her.  She laughed and laughed at the shells, and couldn’t imagine ever wearing them (but I am quite certain she’ll change her mind once her baby comes along).  We both puzzled over the cabbage leave and she was very impressed with the silicone pump.  I was very happy to see “Breastfeeding Naturally” was included – as an ABA member and proud owner of this book, I know how brilliant it is.

I feel like this is a great gift for someone I’m really close to, like one of my sisters or sisters in law, or a really good friend like Annette.  At $159, the Golden Boobies Breastfeeding Box is not only a unique and luxurious gift, but it’s a step towards planning for breastfeeding success, and that’s priceless.

**All views expressed in this post are my own.  I was given Golden Boobies Breastfeeding Box from Mamas Milkbar to review, but did not receive any monetary payment in exchange for a favourable review**

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