It wouldn’t surprise me if you have never heard of Milk Genie breast pump. It hasn’t been on the market for long, nor have Pumpables – the brand that produced it.  The Milk Genie is a portable, double electric breast pump with a closed system, designed for personal use.  I was invited to test the Milk Genie breast pump before it was publicly available, and I enjoyed the experience and working with the Pumpables team so much that when I was offered contract work with their brand reach project, I was very happy to accept.

Regular readers of mine will know that I am not the type to lend my name to many products. If anything, I promote more products and brands that I don’t receive any payments or kickbacks from, because I genuinely want to share information about good things with the breastfeeding community (hello Mama Clothing and Cadenshae). My blog is not, and never will be, littered with affiliate links, because not only do I suck at selling things, but I have no interest in it. I politely refuse to collaborate with brands promoting galactagogues because I find their promotion undermining.

I have everything I need to pump!

Being an admin of the Facebook support group Breastfeeders in Australia, I feel like I’m qualified to say that the Spectra S1 and S2 are currently the most popular breast pumps on the market at the moment. I nearly never come across people who have negative feedback about Spectra Baby Australia, or the pumps that they stock. The S1 is a portable, double electric, hospital grade breast pump and those that use it love it. The S2 is is the same pump without a rechargeable battery, so it’s not portable. But exactly the same pump otherwise. Both the S1 and S2 are very well priced for hospital grade pumps.

BUT these pumps are hospital grade, and most women simply don’t need a hospital grade breast pump. Most people I come across who are looking into pump brands will pump once or twice a day at the most, either to donate, to build a convenient stash or because they are returning to work. Unless you’re exclusively expressing, relactating or expressing because you have a sick or preemie baby who is unable to breastfeed exclusively, I would suggest you don’t need a hospital grade breast pump.

And if you’re like me and you don’t actually need a hospital grade pump, then you should consider the Milk Genie.  Here are four things I love about my Milk Genie:

  1. It actually works when it’s not plugged into power.  Previously I used a Medela Freestyle that was supposed to be portable, but it lost almost all of it’s suction when I was relying on the battery.  When I asked around, the advice was that I should increase the suction.  Not really good enough considering it retails for more than twice the Milk Genie, which works the same whether it’s connected to mains power or not

    I can pump anywhere, without worrying about whether I’m near a power point. And I can pump hands-free in my Discretion By Gina bra!
  2. It has a closed system, which means no surprise mould or other gross stuff growing in places where you can’t see
  3.  When I was working fulltime, my pump was so loud I swear my desk shook and everyone in the building knew what I was doing.  It actually sounded like it was moo-ing, which was an image I didn’t want my co-workers having while I was expressing milk for my baby.  The Milk Genie is super, super quiet
  4. Maybe the most exciting thing about the Milk Genie is the price!  At $180, I truly believe it’s the best value around!  You could expect to pay around twice as much for any other portable, double electric pump with a closed system

There are lots of other features that people will love – it comes with 3 sizes of breast shields to help you find the right size, it has a memory so you can save your pumping program, it has a backlight with big lettering to make those night-time sessions easier and it’s small, light and is even a pretty colour!

And having the benefit of working with the Pumpables team makes me feel even more passionate about the brand, because they are all mums working remotely from home, trying to balance parenting with work.  Kids come say “hi” during Skype chats, sometimes we work with sleeping babies attached to our boobies and every now and then my Miss 2 tries to send the team a bunch of cheerful emojis though our communication channels on Slack.

The Milk Genie isn’t the most popular pump on the market, but I’ve used it, I love it and I love the company making them.  I’m expecting big things from this brand!

I received a complimentary Milk Genie breast pump and I do some contract work with Pumpables.  I was not paid to write this post.  This post contains affiliate links, but I do not personally profit from the commissions – instead they fund the Pumping It Forward Project

Do you have a breast pump?  What do you love/hate about it?

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  1. Great review! I’ve never heard of this brand (but live in the USA?) Unfortunately my little guy has chosen to refuse bottles. So I haven’t really attempted much pumping this time around…

    1. It’s lovely and compact, which is what you want in a portable pump!

  2. I never used these pumps for my kids. There was not any need for them. But still i like these pumps. These are really helpful for many. My sister used pumps for her kids. So i know the value and importance of these. Superb review.

    1. Pumping is not necessary for everyone!otbcan be a pretty tiresome chore but the pump you use is a big factor in how good or bad pumping sessions are

  3. I was not a fan of breast pumps when I was BF. It was always an effort and sometimes a let down(not supposed to be a pun) because I would hardly get anything! My second baby fed for two years and she refused to drink breast milk from a bottle so she was excusively fed by me and I didn’t really use one much with her. I wish I had of had one of these when I was expressing for my first BF baby 🙂 #openslather

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