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Recently I was thrilled to join the Hotmilk Lingerie team as an ambassador at the Essential Baby & Toddler Show at Darling Harbour.  I got to hang out with the Hotmilk team, learn about their products and talk to some very excited ladies about boobs and bras.

My job for the day was to chat to people walking past, encourage them to enter our prize draw ($400 in Hotmilk products), let them know about our special expo offer, and encourage them to get measured up by our team.  I felt quite mindful about not hassling people out, because I don’t like feeling like people are trying to pressure me into a sale, but most people responded really positively.

Here are 5 things I learned about Hotmilk Lingerie that day:

  • The Hotmilk team are very knowledgeable about the changes our bodies go through during pregnancy.  The team cared much more about making sure women were aware of the dangers of blocked ducts and mastitis caused by ill-fitting bras than they were about making a quick sale
  • Anyone with a large bust would know how hard it is to find bras above a DD, let alone anything NICE!  Most Hotmilk bras go up to a H cup, with some even going up to a J cup!
  • The shoulder straps increase in width incrementally for each cup size you go up.  And thank goodness, because spaghetti straps weren’t made to support the weight of a large bust
  • Hotmilk make bras for smaller busts too.  I met with more than one lady at the Show who had been incorrectly told that you can’t buy maternity/nursing bras below a C cup.  Hotmilk bras start with an A cup
  • Hotmilk customers are fiercely loyal.  Many ladies walked into the stall, yanked a bra-strap out from under their collar and told me with a wink “I’m wearing one right now”.  These customers were singing their testimonials to anyone who would listen, insisting that Hotmilk was the only brand to buy

A common desire that kept coming up during the day is that women wanted supportive bras that didn’t look and feel like maternity bras – they wanted bras like the ones they used to wear before they got pregnant.

And then at the end of the day, I was absolutely THRILLED to be sent home with a “Show Off Silver Peony” nursing bra.  It was a long drive all the way from Darling Harbour back to my home in Maitland just to try that bra on!  Let me tell you about it.

  • It’s a soft, nude/bone colour with lace edging and some black details.
  • The F cup fits me perfectly, making me feel like this bra is true to it’s size
  • There are 6 hook and eye sets of clips on the back, making it easier to find the perfect fit around my back
  • It’s a smooth fit, and fits nicely under tight tops without funny lumps or weird looking lines created by the edging
  • I noticed the straps are thicker than I have come to expect, and they feel comfortable against my shoulders
  • The nursing clips are easy to undo with one hand
  • It’s extremely supportive for a bra that has no underwires and hasn’t been designed for sports and exercise
It’s a perfect fit
Miss 2 approves
Miss 2 approves

It’s beautiful – and makes me feel good about wearing it, but is also comfortable enough to wear all day – maybe even every day!

I was gifted the Show Off bra for the purpose of a review.  All opinions expressed are my own.  I was given a $100 gift voucher for the time I spent working with the Hotmilk Lingerie team at the Essential Baby & Toddler Show at Darling Harbour.

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  1. Your Bra is really hot! Love it. It is so important to feel comfy and beautiful in early stages of motherhood. 🙂

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