I have put a few posts up on my Facebook page lately, hinting at a wave of motivation to get moving more as the weather warms up.  Diana at Milkbar Breastpumps noticed, and offered to send me one of Hotmilk Lingerie’s Activate breastfeeding sports bras.

The Activate breastfeeding sports bra comes with flexiwire.  Flexiwire was a new concept for me.  Like most breastfeeders, I avoid underwires in my bras, and am aware that they can potentially create blockages in my breasts, that can lead to mastitis.  However Hotmilk suggest that this risk is actually due to the fact that many women wear incorrectly fitted bras.  I was interested to read on the Hotmilk website, a quote from the Australian Breastfeeding Association:

“Many women prefer underwire fashion bras and are confused when told these are not recommended during pregnancy or lactation. The reason for this is, once again, your changing breast shape. When breastfeeding, the breasts can increase and decrease in size during the day, as milk is produced and removed. Retained fluid in late pregnancy can also cause the breast to swell. Although only a slight change in size is occurring, a rigid underwire may put pressure on the breast when it is fuller. Such pressure can lead to blocked milk ducts or mastitis and it is for this reason inflexible underwire brasare not recommended. However there are now nursing bras available that have a flexible metal support, similar to an underwire, designed to flex and change position with your changing shape. These are less likely to cause problems.”

This endorsement from the Australian Breastfeeding Association made me feel much more comfortable with the idea of flexiwire.

I received my bra about a day after Diana sent it to me – very impressive shipping time!  I was pretty excited to try this bra out.  Let me tell you about it:

  • Mine was black, with pink and orange trims.  You can also get it in blue with black and green trims
  • Unlike other breastfeeding sports bras I have tried (like Cadenshae Ultimate and Movemami Shine), Activate is a proper cupped bra, not a crop top.  As highlighted above, you should get properly fitted before buying one.  I am wearing a 14F.  The Activate can go as large as an H cup
  • The shoulder straps are good and wide, making me feel supported in the bust without causing discomfort on my shoulders
  • There is a clip on the back of the bra, that brings the two shoulder straps together for added support
  • The nursing clips are easy to undo with one hand
  • There are 6 hook and eye sets of clips on the back, making it easier to find the perfect fit around my back

I was nervous about the flexiwires because I haven’t really had any kind of wires near my boobs since before I fell pregnant with my son, over 6 years ago.  Truthfully, the first time I wore the bra, it was a bit uncomfortable, making me wonder if I may end up with a blockage.  In hindsight, I think the discomfort may have been due to the fact that the bra was quite stiff when I first got it out of the packaging.  After it was washed a few times, the fabric became softer.  I haven’t felt discomfort since the first time I wore the bra.  And I definitely haven’t had any blockages.

The Activate was extremely supportive, and I was very satisfied with how well it worked while I was skipping.  I took My Mr 5 trampolining at Gravity X this week.  I did up the clip on the back of the shoulder straps before jumping, for the extra support, and the bra worked so well that I actually forgot about my boobs.  Anyone with a bigger bust will be impressed with this, because when your boobs are bouncing around everywhere, it can be hard to think of anything else.

Like my joggers, I probably wouldn’t wear the Activate all day, every day.  It’s not designed for everyday wear, and Hotmilk have better options available for that (like my Show Off bra, for example).  I wore the Activate for high-impact exercise, like running, skipping and trampolining.  Those are activities that require a good shower and change of clothes afterwards, so it wasn’t a hassle to change bras too.

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me she couldn’t justify the cost of a breastfeeding sports bra – she said she planned to wait until she’d finished breastfeeding before she would get back into exercise.  But the Activate worked so well, I see no reason why I couldn’t continue using it even after my kids have weaned.

In the past I have said that the Cadenshae Ultimate was my absolute favourite breastfeeding sports bra.  I may have to go back to the drawing board on that opinion, because the Activate impressed the heck out of me!

Diana at Milkbar Breastpumps gifted me one Hotmilk Activate bra in exchange for my review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Do you have a breastfeeding sports bra?  Does it work well?

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