7 suggestions for responses that come to mind when someone suggests I’m doing something wrong by breastfeeding my kids:

1. I used to have one of those, but the wheels fell off

2. *point at their face* You have something stuck between your teeth

3. The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain

4. Supercallifragalisticexpiallidocious

5. Omg you’re so funny *laugh hysterically*

6. I did not have sex with a mongoose

7. Sea monkeys stole my money

All of these responses are as valid and relevant as any other person’s negative opinion on my breastfeeding journey.

I don’t usually feel the need to engage in an argument with anyone about the benefits of breastfeeding, because they are well established and if someone wants to live in an ignorant bubble then that’s their problem.

But in all seriousness, I do have some practical suggestions that might be more effective than arguing:

– keep doing what you’re doing, peacefully and proudly

– continue leading by example

– whenever someone shows a positive interest, share your experiences

– wait and let everyone see your children thrive as they grow, because this will be from of the way you raise them – not in spite of it

I have faith that just the act of breastfeeding my own children is a small but significant step towards long term cultural change in attitudes about breastfeeding.

Arguing about it really isn’t worth my time.

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