What My Kids Learn From “Sleep Training”

  I’m a big advocate for “sleep training”.  Not the kind where you leave your kids alone or crying, or anything like that.  My husband and I have shunned conventional sleep training methods and are doing things differently. We acknowledge that each day is different, and in any event, babies can’t tell the time. Bedtime […]

Breastfeeding A Demanding Toddler – Part 2

If you’re moving away from demand feeding, the gentle mama in me wants to remind you that breastfeeding is about more than food.  If you take away breastfeeds, be sure to give extra cuddles, affection and reassurance.  You have used breastfeeding since your child’s birth to show them you are there for them – be […]

Breastfeeding A Demanding Toddler – Part 1

So my babies grew into toddlers, and the whole breastfeeding on demand thing started to wear thin.  Why?  My kids demanded SO MUCH!  And it felt like if I didn’t comply, they punished me.  Kicking, scratching, slapping, squirming,  pinching and twisting my skin became common. You are in charge of your body.  No one has […]

The N Word – Why It Has No Place Here

This morning I read something that really hurt the lactivist in me. The “N” word. And I’m not talking about that awful word that some slack-jawed yokels use to describe those beautiful ebony-skinned people of African heritage. My motives for promoting breastfeeding stem from a desire to see mums like me feel happy with the […]

Breastfeeding After An Early Return to Work

I had always planned to return to work fairly soon after my first child. I earned more than my husband, and his industry (home building) was in a huge slump. I held an administration management position with a local company that only had a small administration team. The owners of the business wanted me back […]

Milk Sharing Networks – When things just work!

I want to share a story about milk sharing that happened recently.  I apologise if it seems a bit disjointed – I didn’t learn about the whole story chronologically.  I have also made some creative changes to names. Emma from far North Queensland recently gave birth to her third child, a boy named James.  She […]

The Peaceful Lactivist

Hi. My name is Lauren and I’m a Peaceful Lactivist. I can hear your surprise at my label. It almost feels like an oxymoron. Lactivists aren’t peaceful. The stereotypical lactivist is often out looking for a fight against medical professionals, formula manufacturers and anyone who doesn’t do it HER way, which is obviously the RIGHT […]

Night Weaning a Toddler

One subject that comes up frequently in our Facebook group is how to gently wean your toddler from their night time breastfeeds. This is my own story of how we made the transition away from relying on breastfeeding for sleeping and settling. Like a lot of mums breastfeeding past infancy, my son was breastfeeding on […]