7 Responses To Breastfeeding Negativity

7 suggestions for responses that come to mind when someone suggests I’m doing something wrong by breastfeeding my kids: 1. I used to have one of those, but the wheels fell off 2. *point at their face* You have something stuck between your teeth 3. The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain 4. […]

A Fussy Baby & Supply Worries – Jessica’s Story

Our closed Facebook group Breastfeeders in Australia, is where breastfeeders come together to share their stories and support each other. After a recent bad day, Jessica Smale shared her words of wisdom with the group. She’s kindly given us permission to share her story and photo here too. ‘So I am doing this post because […]

How Do You Know When You Should Stop Breastfeeding?

For me, I wanted to finish lots of times, but I felt it was my duty to breastfeed as long as I could. Not everyone feels that way, and that’s ok. This is just my story. I didn’t feel like I could stop breastfeeding any more than I could suddenly decide to stop changing nappies […]

Breastmilk Turns Pink After Lots of Beetroot!

Did you ever eat a lot of beetroot while breastfeeding?  Did you notice anything unusual about your breastmilk afterwards? “Sooooo I ate A LOT of beetroot today and this was the end result… Safe to say I nearly had a heart attack until I realised.” Eating lots of beetroot can turn your breastmilk pink! A […]

Hello New Mum – A Letter From Lyndsey

Recently in our closed breastfeeding support group on Facebook, mum Lyndsey Wray posted an open called “Hello New Mum”.  Lyndsey’s words generated a lot of interest within the group, where there are many new mums, and she kindly gave us permission to reshare it here on our website.  Lyndsey is a high school teacher, and […]

Breastfeeding After Gastroschisis – Member Story

Our closed breastfeeding support group is full of amazing parents who use their own personal experiences to support and inspire others.  Some of these parents are facing challenges that seem impossibly difficult.  Renée Barendregt is one mum with a story to share about breastfeeding her baby Harry, who was born with a birth defect called […]