Why I Don’t Support Importing Or Selling Human Milk For Profits

This week a story has hit media outlets about an Indian company looking to sell breastmilk in Australia.  Every now and then the topic of commercialising the sale of human milk comes up, and it makes me shudder.  I am a big fan of milk sharing, but I feel commercialising it is wrong. The main […]

3 Types Of People Who Talk About Breastfeeding

There are generally three types of people you will come across when talking about breastfeeding.  These people will be most obvious to you when you are pregnant, or when you’re in your early days of parenting. There will be those who make you feel like breastfeeding is horrible, the absolute worst. They will make you […]

When The Village Pulls Together – ABA Training

Last Sunday I attended my very first training weekend with the Australian Breastfeeding Association. I didn’t want to go. Sundays are important to my family and I don’t give them up easily. I went along to the training day begrudgingly and was prepared for a complete drag of a day. Here are some of the […]

Breast Cancer – Pink Ribbons And Red Flags

You’ve probably heard of the Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon Day. They coordinate fundraising to provide research, prevention programs and support  regarding breast and gynaecological cancer On the Pink Ribbon website, there’s a tab dedicated to Women and Cancer, and it talks about different kinds of cancer risk factors. I was really surprised and disappointed to […]

Inclusive Language and Men Who Make Milk

Yesterday morning I scrolled down my newsfeed in Facebook and got caught up in a discussion about the importance for inclusive language when discussing lactation. The discussion was taking place in a group for lactation professionals (note: I am not a lactation professional, I’m probably not supposed to be in that group, oops!). I often […]

Criticism From People Who Are Hurting

Today I had someone react badly to a post that was shared from our website (a Member Post about being Unsure About Breastfeeding).  I don’t get a lot of negative feedback about the posts I write, but that’s probably because I’m relatively small-time, and my posts are generally shared with people who have opted, in […]

Polite Ignorance Is Bliss

This morning after the preschool drop-off, Miss 2 wanted milk more than usual, and it couldn’t wait til we got back home or to the car.  So we sat down on a random person’s brick fence next to the footpath leading to the school.  Some parents left the school gate and were having a loud, […]

10 Better Questions To Ask About Breastfeeding In Public

It feels like every time there’s a drama over a breastfeeding mum being inappropriately asked to cover up or move on, it’s reported with a poll that asks something like “Should women cover up when breastfeeding in public?”. Two local papers ran a story last week about a mum who felt shamed into covering up […]