LaVie Lactation Massager (AKA Boob Vibrator)

A few weeks back, my Facebook newsfeed exploded with posts about the Lactation Massager from LaVie – a new kind of vibrator especially designed for clearing milk blockages.  I was tagged in a lot of these posts by friends and followers who remembered a post I put up back in January about using a vibrator […]

“My Husband Wants Me To Stop Breastfeeding” – An Expert Weighs In

We share anonymous member posts in our closed support group on Facebook.  A recent post about an unsupportive husband attracted a number of comments from our members, ranging from upset to concerned and even absolutely outraged.  Although all of the comments had the best of intentions, the member did not find many of comments suggesting […]

Successfully Breastfeeding A Preemie Baby – Member Story

Nicola Rigby is a member of Breastfeeders in Australia and has offered to share her story about successfully breastfeeding her preemie baby.  We hope that other families may feel encouraged and boosted by this story. “We had our second baby on the 28th of Feb at 30+1wks. Elsie was born prematurely due to my cervix […]

Hotmilk’s ACTIVATE Flexiwire Breastfeeding Sports Bra Review

I have put a few posts up on my Facebook page lately, hinting at a wave of motivation to get moving more as the weather warms up.  Diana at Milkbar Breastpumps noticed, and offered to send me one of Hotmilk Lingerie’s Activate breastfeeding sports bras. The Activate breastfeeding sports bra comes with flexiwire.  Flexiwire was […]

“Facebook Punished Me For Trying To Help Breastfeeders” – Kerryn’s Story

Breastfeeders in Australia suffered a huge setback this week.  Kerryn Gill-Rich, one of our support group’s most active administrators and prolific commenters received a Facebook ban for sharing links to a Nipple Blanching (Vasospasm) article on the Kellymon website.  After repeatedly pleading for common sense from the Facebook team, her case has been closed.  It […]

My Extended Family – Sometimes Support Looks Different

I’ve talked lots of times about how thankful I am for growing up in a family where breastfeeding is completely normal.  My husband’s family isn’t like that.  They aren’t “against” breastfeeding, like some families are, and they have never tried to convince me to stop, for any reason.  I think they are probably like a […]

Breastfeeding A Surrogate Baby – Bree’s Story

We at Breastfeeders in Australia support equal marriage rights, as well as parenting.  Bree Miller is one of the original Admins of the Facebook support group Breastfeeders in Australia, helping us support others from the very beginning of the group.  She is has birthed four beautiful girls and is training to become a midwife.  Bree […]

MOVEMAMÍ, MOVE! Breastfeeding Sports Bra Review

As the weather is warming up, I’ve found myself more motivated than usual to get moving.  So I was very excited when Abby from The Mum Life offered to send me a MOVEMAMÍ “Shine” breastfeeding sports bra/crop top, designed for high impact exercise, like running. Postage was super quick, and I had the bra only […]