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LaVie Lactation Massager (AKA Boob Vibrator)

A few weeks back, my Facebook newsfeed exploded with posts about the Lactation Massager from LaVie – a new kind of vibrator especially designed for clearing milk blockages.  I was tagged in a lot of these posts by friends and followers who remembered a post I put up back in January about using a vibrator on my own blockages.  My friend Diana at Milkbar Breastpumps got in touch with me around that time and offered to send me a LaVie Lactation Massager for my feedback.

I felt a little skeptical about this product, mainly because I have been using a cheap vibrating wand from eBay which works really well – would the extra expense for a dedicated boob vibrator be worth it?  And would it actually work better?  Not only that, but the LaVie did seem to resemble a sex toy, which again, caused me to wonder what advantages there would be to using a LaVie instead of my cheap vibrating wand.

Why Use Vibration?

Basically breastmilk is thick and can coagulate to form a blockage.  Vibration might help your milk drain more effectively.  If your milk flow is restricted, either by engorgement caused by oversupply or infrequent draining, or by something pressing on breast tissue (eg a bra or shirt that’s too tight) blockages can form, that further stops your milk from flowing properly.  Vibration can help dislodge blockages and liquify them enough to get them out of your breasts.  It also feels really satisfying for  your breast to be drained so effectively, and I also find the vibrations relaxing, like a supercharged massage on my skin and across my chest muscles that are often too tight from spending too much time sitting with a poor posture.

What features does the LaVie come with?

The LaVie Lactation Massager comes with some pretty cool features:

  • It has a rechargeable battery, so you can use it without being anchored to a power point
  • The battery also charges up super fast.   The brochure said it would take up to 30 minutes.  I didn’t check exactly how long, but I plugged it in the first time, and when I looked at it about 15 minutes later, it was fully charged (and it wasn’t charged when it arrived because it wouldn’t turn on)
  • It’s a medical grade silicone and BPA free.  It feels lovely and velvety soft
  • It’s completely waterproof, so you can take it in the shower and submerse it in the pool or kitchen sink.  This also means that you can use something oily to aid the massage effect (which I recommend, because although the medical grade silicone is soft, it doesn’t glide across your skin as well as a smooth plastic would)
  • I would describe the LaVie is broadly shaped and is capable of sending vibrations across a fairly large area, which is handy when you’re dealing with a large blockage
  • It has varying levels of vibration and vibration modes, so you can find what really works for you

Is it just a rebadged sex toy?

This question may not be running through your mind, but it was definitely running through mine.

Being a vibration tool, the comparison was always going to be there.  I have seen sex toys that look exactly like the LaVie, right down to the silicone covering, the bright girly colours and the shape.  The variety of vibration modes also add to this comparison (eg buzz pause buzz buzz pause buzzzzzzzz pause – I am still a bit confused about how these types of modes are useful in lactation).

But the vibrations are too broad.  They are clearly designed to stimulate a large area.  If this was a sex toy, the vibrations would either be concentrated at the tip for clitoral stimulation, or the actual massager would be shaped either as a phallus or with a curved tip for g-spot stimulation.  Also, after some experimenting, I can see that the shape of the LaVie is excellent for reaching blockages that are deep within breast tissue.  If you want an orgasm, you’re not looking for something that’s going to stimulate your deep tissues.

In conclusion on this point, if the LaVie actually is a rebadged sex toy, it wouldn’t have been a very good sex toy.  If you want to wear it in your underwear or have a play with it downstairs then I won’t judge you for it, but I feel pretty confident in saying that it’s been designed for breasts.

Should you buy a LaVie?

If you:

  • Are comfortable with the $39,95 price tag;
  • Not comfortable with the idea of buying a sex toy to use on your breast;
  • Looking for something wireless; and
  • Looking for something waterproof:

then the LaVie could be a great choice for you!  I can especially see it being popular as a gift you might buy for a new or expecting parent.

If you also like supporting local retailers, then you should consider shopping at Milkbar Breastpumps.  The LaVie was gifted to me in exchange for my review.



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Hotmilk’s ACTIVATE Flexiwire Breastfeeding Sports Bra Review

I have put a few posts up on my Facebook page lately, hinting at a wave of motivation to get moving more as the weather warms up.  Diana at Milkbar Breastpumps noticed, and offered to send me one of Hotmilk Lingerie’s Activate breastfeeding sports bras.

The Activate breastfeeding sports bra comes with flexiwire.  Flexiwire was a new concept for me.  Like most breastfeeders, I avoid underwires in my bras, and am aware that they can potentially create blockages in my breasts, that can lead to mastitis.  However Hotmilk suggest that this risk is actually due to the fact that many women wear incorrectly fitted bras.  I was interested to read on the Hotmilk website, a quote from the Australian Breastfeeding Association:

“Many women prefer underwire fashion bras and are confused when told these are not recommended during pregnancy or lactation. The reason for this is, once again, your changing breast shape. When breastfeeding, the breasts can increase and decrease in size during the day, as milk is produced and removed. Retained fluid in late pregnancy can also cause the breast to swell. Although only a slight change in size is occurring, a rigid underwire may put pressure on the breast when it is fuller. Such pressure can lead to blocked milk ducts or mastitis and it is for this reason inflexible underwire brasare not recommended. However there are now nursing bras available that have a flexible metal support, similar to an underwire, designed to flex and change position with your changing shape. These are less likely to cause problems.”

This endorsement from the Australian Breastfeeding Association made me feel much more comfortable with the idea of flexiwire.

I received my bra about a day after Diana sent it to me – very impressive shipping time!  I was pretty excited to try this bra out.  Let me tell you about it:

  • Mine was black, with pink and orange trims.  You can also get it in blue with black and green trims
  • Unlike other breastfeeding sports bras I have tried (like Cadenshae Ultimate and Movemami Shine), Activate is a proper cupped bra, not a crop top.  As highlighted above, you should get properly fitted before buying one.  I am wearing a 14F.  The Activate can go as large as an H cup
  • The shoulder straps are good and wide, making me feel supported in the bust without causing discomfort on my shoulders
  • There is a clip on the back of the bra, that brings the two shoulder straps together for added support
  • The nursing clips are easy to undo with one hand
  • There are 6 hook and eye sets of clips on the back, making it easier to find the perfect fit around my back

I was nervous about the flexiwires because I haven’t really had any kind of wires near my boobs since before I fell pregnant with my son, over 6 years ago.  Truthfully, the first time I wore the bra, it was a bit uncomfortable, making me wonder if I may end up with a blockage.  In hindsight, I think the discomfort may have been due to the fact that the bra was quite stiff when I first got it out of the packaging.  After it was washed a few times, the fabric became softer.  I haven’t felt discomfort since the first time I wore the bra.  And I definitely haven’t had any blockages.

The Activate was extremely supportive, and I was very satisfied with how well it worked while I was skipping.  I took My Mr 5 trampolining at Gravity X this week.  I did up the clip on the back of the shoulder straps before jumping, for the extra support, and the bra worked so well that I actually forgot about my boobs.  Anyone with a bigger bust will be impressed with this, because when your boobs are bouncing around everywhere, it can be hard to think of anything else.

Like my joggers, I probably wouldn’t wear the Activate all day, every day.  It’s not designed for everyday wear, and Hotmilk have better options available for that (like my Show Off bra, for example).  I wore the Activate for high-impact exercise, like running, skipping and trampolining.  Those are activities that require a good shower and change of clothes afterwards, so it wasn’t a hassle to change bras too.

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me she couldn’t justify the cost of a breastfeeding sports bra – she said she planned to wait until she’d finished breastfeeding before she would get back into exercise.  But the Activate worked so well, I see no reason why I couldn’t continue using it even after my kids have weaned.

In the past I have said that the Cadenshae Ultimate was my absolute favourite breastfeeding sports bra.  I may have to go back to the drawing board on that opinion, because the Activate impressed the heck out of me!

Diana at Milkbar Breastpumps gifted me one Hotmilk Activate bra in exchange for my review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Do you have a breastfeeding sports bra?  Does it work well?

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MOVEMAMÍ, MOVE! Breastfeeding Sports Bra Review

As the weather is warming up, I’ve found myself more motivated than usual to get moving.  So I was very excited when Abby from The Mum Life offered to send me a MOVEMAMÍ “Shine” breastfeeding sports bra/crop top, designed for high impact exercise, like running.

Postage was super quick, and I had the bra only 3 business days after it was shipped (I live in a regional area, so I usually expect to wait longer than that!).  I tried it on straight away and was very happy to find that the XL seemed to fit my 14F chest perfectly.  Over the next few weeks, I gave the bra a thorough testing.  I found some things that I loved about it.

Shipping was fast!


  • It’s a very nice looking bra.  I can totally see women working out in this bra with no shirt over the top if they were jogging, working out in the gym or if it was simply a hot day.
  • The nylon and spandex combination make it feel very soft and luxurious.  Although it feels like a good, firm fit, it doesn’t leave imprints on my skin.
  • I feel no pressure or pinching around my breasts, so I’m confident it won’t interfere with my milk ducts, or cause any blockages.
  • The nursing clips are easy to undo with one hand, and is designed in a way that allows the bra to come down enough so that Miss 2 can breastfeed without a bra cup getting in her face.  I have found some breastfeeding sports bras have moulded cups that you can’t quite seem to get out of the way enough.
  • It’s comfortable enough for everyday wear, which makes it perfect for incidental exercise.  Sometimes we have an impromptu visit to the park and it would be perfect for me to do a quick workout, but I just know that my everyday Kmart crop isn’t going to cut it.
Awesome boob access for feeds

I gave the bra a thorough test with bike riding, walking, jogging, pushups, handstands, burpees and a long list of other awful exercises.  I have no problem recommending the MOVEMAMÍ “Shine” for low to medium impact exercises.  When I tested it out running and skipping, I was a little disappointed.  I felt the bra restricted boob movement in a downward direction, but not up, if that makes sense?  I feel like it cut out a lot of the bounce, but not as much as other breastfeeding sports bras I have tested in the past.

However when I shared a video with my followers demonstrating the bounce in my breasts while skipping, THEY were impressed.  Maybe my video doesn’t adequately reflect the bounce that I felt, or maybe I have higher expectations when it comes to boob support than other mums.  Or maybe I’m too picky.  I’ll let you watch my video and decide for yourself.  I am happy the range caters to my size, because a 14F bras aren’t something that are easy to come by.

To maximise your chances for an optimal fit, I would encourage you to talk to a salesperson.  If I went by the sizing information that I found on the website, as a 14F I might have ended up with the XXL (to fit 16-18, E-F) instead of the XL (14-16, DD-E).

See The Mum Life‘s MOVEMAMÍ collection and more at their website (here), Instagram (here) and Facebook page (here).  Use the code “VIP” for a 10% discount

Thanks Abby for sending me my MOVEMAMÍ bra in exchange for my honest review.

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Why I Love My Milk Genie Breast Pump

It wouldn’t surprise me if you have never heard of Milk Genie breast pump. It hasn’t been on the market for long, nor have Pumpables – the brand that produced it.  The Milk Genie is a portable, double electric breast pump with a closed system, designed for personal use.  I was invited to test the Milk Genie breast pump before it was publicly available, and I enjoyed the experience and working with the Pumpables team so much that when I was offered contract work with their brand reach project, I was very happy to accept.

Regular readers of mine will know that I am not the type to lend my name to many products. If anything, I promote more products and brands that I don’t receive any payments or kickbacks from, because I genuinely want to share information about good things with the breastfeeding community (hello Mama Clothing and Cadenshae). My blog is not, and never will be, littered with affiliate links, because not only do I suck at selling things, but I have no interest in it. I politely refuse to collaborate with brands promoting galactagogues because I find their promotion undermining.

I have everything I need to pump!

Being an admin of the Facebook support group Breastfeeders in Australia, I feel like I’m qualified to say that the Spectra S1 and S2 are currently the most popular breast pumps on the market at the moment. I nearly never come across people who have negative feedback about Spectra Baby Australia, or the pumps that they stock. The S1 is a portable, double electric, hospital grade breast pump and those that use it love it. The S2 is is the same pump without a rechargeable battery, so it’s not portable. But exactly the same pump otherwise. Both the S1 and S2 are very well priced for hospital grade pumps.

BUT these pumps are hospital grade, and most women simply don’t need a hospital grade breast pump. Most people I come across who are looking into pump brands will pump once or twice a day at the most, either to donate, to build a convenient stash or because they are returning to work. Unless you’re exclusively expressing, relactating or expressing because you have a sick or preemie baby who is unable to breastfeed exclusively, I would suggest you don’t need a hospital grade breast pump.

And if you’re like me and you don’t actually need a hospital grade pump, then you should consider the Milk Genie.  Here are four things I love about my Milk Genie:

  1. It actually works when it’s not plugged into power.  Previously I used a Medela Freestyle that was supposed to be portable, but it lost almost all of it’s suction when I was relying on the battery.  When I asked around, the advice was that I should increase the suction.  Not really good enough considering it retails for more than twice the Milk Genie, which works the same whether it’s connected to mains power or not

    I can pump anywhere, without worrying about whether I’m near a power point. And I can pump hands-free in my Discretion By Gina bra!
  2. It has a closed system, which means no surprise mould or other gross stuff growing in places where you can’t see
  3.  When I was working fulltime, my pump was so loud I swear my desk shook and everyone in the building knew what I was doing.  It actually sounded like it was moo-ing, which was an image I didn’t want my co-workers having while I was expressing milk for my baby.  The Milk Genie is super, super quiet
  4. Maybe the most exciting thing about the Milk Genie is the price!  At $180, I truly believe it’s the best value around!  You could expect to pay around twice as much for any other portable, double electric pump with a closed system

There are lots of other features that people will love – it comes with 3 sizes of breast shields to help you find the right size, it has a memory so you can save your pumping program, it has a backlight with big lettering to make those night-time sessions easier and it’s small, light and is even a pretty colour!

And having the benefit of working with the Pumpables team makes me feel even more passionate about the brand, because they are all mums working remotely from home, trying to balance parenting with work.  Kids come say “hi” during Skype chats, sometimes we work with sleeping babies attached to our boobies and every now and then my Miss 2 tries to send the team a bunch of cheerful emojis though our communication channels on Slack.

The Milk Genie isn’t the most popular pump on the market, but I’ve used it, I love it and I love the company making them.  I’m expecting big things from this brand!

I received a complimentary Milk Genie breast pump and I do some contract work with Pumpables.  I was not paid to write this post.  This post contains affiliate links, but I do not personally profit from the commissions – instead they fund the Pumping It Forward Project

Do you have a breast pump?  What do you love/hate about it?

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Why I Love Breastfeeding Covers + Where To Get One

I love breastfeeding covers!

Some people will be surprised to hear this, because I am a vocal supporter of breastfeeding uncovered.  But first and foremost, I am a supporter of breastfeeding.  Full stop.  End of story.  If you want to breastfeed with a cover, I support you.  If you want to breastfeed without a cover, I support you.  Championing the right to breastfeed without a cover doesn’t mean I can’t also support the right to breastfeed under a cover at the same time.

I support your right to breastfeed in whichever way works for you and your child.  I would not appreciate feeling forced to breastfeed with a cover when I don’t want to, and it’s a two-way street.  If breastfeeding uncovered makes you feel too uncomfortable then don’t do it.  You don’t have to.  Breastfeeding looks different for everyone, and for some, it involves a cover.

Let’s not lose sight of the forest for the trees – what matters is that we can breastfeed comfortably and happily.  If a breastfeeding cover makes breastfeeding more achievable for you, then that rocks.

I know it can be hard to find recommendations of where to buy breastfeeding covers, so I have compiled a list of five business-mums selling them.  If you’re going to use a breastfeeding cover, you may as well use one that you love!

**This is a sponsored post**

Mama Clothing

If you worry about owning an item that will barely be used, consider buying one that’s multi-purpose!  Mama Clothing sell a breastfeeding cover that’s designed to also be used as a trolley cover and capsule cover – that’s three items in one!  While you’re on their website, you should check out their range of clothing too – I adore my Mama Clothing dresses!  Shop with Mama Clothing here.

Owner Laura told me “Mama Clothing is a brand born from necessity and the collective mindset of the inspiring women that make our village. Founded in February 2016, each Mama Clothing garment is designed with the modern mum and her needs at heart. Based in Melbourne, Mama Clothing has become a household name for breastfeeding mothers all around the country. Since its commencement in 2016, Mama Clothing has branched out into becoming so much more then a fashion brand with the creation of its iconic support forum the “Mama Collective” and strong ties to support groups such as Breastfeeders in Australia. With its constantly evolving support network Mama Clothing is not just a breastfeeding label, Mama Clothing is a lifestyle.”

Foxy Mummy

Foxy Mummy sell a versatile cardigan that’s doesn’t even look like a breastfeeding cover!  It could easily make it’s way into your everyday wardrobe!  Shop with Foxy Mummy here.  Business owner Tegan tells us about her product:

“Chic yet discrete breast-feeding cardigan. An innovative design that allows for a versatile, ready to wear fashionable breast-feeding cover. Our ‘Foxy Mummy’ Cardigan is made with 95% soft and comfortable Viscose for a luxurious finish, plus a touch of spandex for durability and easy wash care. Foxy Mummy cardigans are designed to be worn through pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. Available in both a sleeved and sleeveless design, in fashionable Black and Nude sized Small to Extra Large”

Mini LUX

Mini LUX offer a handmade multi-purpose item that could quickly become something that simply goes everywhere with you, to be used every day.  Shop with Mini LUX here.  Robyn tells us about her product told me about her product.

“A Mini LUX baby cover is a 4 in 1 product that can be used as a breastfeeding cover, an infinity scarf, a capsule cover and a trolley cover. All covers are handmade by me on the Gold Coast, using soft breathable fabric.

After struggling to breastfeed comfortably in public with my first baby, I went searching for a breastfeeding cover and I couldn’t find one that suited my needs. I decided to make one myself and after getting asked to make some for my mummy friends, I decided to make it into a business. I love hearing stories from mums saying they are so much more comfortable breastfeeding in public using a Mini LUX baby cover! It is also great to know my product is a nappy bag essential for so many mums and a unique baby shower gift!”

Karra’s Kreations for Kidz

I loved hearing Karra’s story about how she came to be making her breastfeeding covers.  Her covers are a more classic design, made in beautiful prints.  Shop with Karra’s Kreations for Kidz here.

“I started sewing about two years ago. I taught myself by watching Youtube videos. My passion started when I needed soft minky blankets for my daughter – small enough for her to carry around, plus several spares.  I couldn’t find any so I made some myself. I posted some pictures of my creations on Facebook.  Word quickly spread through friends and Facebook. I am a single mum of two wonderful children running a little business to help with bills. I sew because I love to do it. Two years on I’m making all sorts of wonderful things – weighted blankets, pram liners, quilts, and I’ve now started making dresses. I hope to grow my business further so I can be working full time sewing when both my children are at school.”

Bubz Bundles

Samantha also makes a classic design of breastfeeding covers, together with variety of other items which she makes to sell at markets and online.  Shop with Bubz Bundles here.

“I always had a passion for sewing when I was in school. I asked for my first sewing machine when I was 16. I wasn’t great at first but I practiced a lot and I became good. My business came to me when I was on maternity leave with my son 4 years ago. As the years went on I started make new and different baby items. I made a nursing cover for a friend and she got asked by a few people where she got it and I then started adding it to my business. I’m now a single mum to two beautiful children, I also have a full time job working 38 hours a week and have my sewing business.  I sell at markets, or one-off pieces.  I can make things like nursing covers, burp cloths, bibs, nappy wallets and especially love making matching sets!”

Would you like to win a breastfeeding cover from Mama Clothing?  Please comment below with a “Yes please!” – a winner will be selected randomly on Friday 2 June at 8pm EST.

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Golden Boobies Box For A Babyshower Gift

I was extremely excited when I learned that one of my oldest and dearest friends had fallen pregnant.  If I was excited when Annette told me her news, I was having conniptions when she mentioned her intention to breastfeed.  WINNING!

Being the lactivist I am, and knowing the stockpile of invaluable but common items she was likely to get at her baby shower, I felt compelled to get her something uniquely focussed on her breastfeeding goals.

This was a perfect opportunity to gift a Golden Boobies Breastfeeding Box from Mamas Milkbar.  This is an assortment of breastfeeding awesomeness, curated especially for a new mama.  The box came beautifully presented in a black box with gold lettering.  It gave the impression of luxury, but the two breasts on the box also gave it an air of fun.  The following items came in the box:

  • Silicone pump (letdown catcher)
  • Breast shells (can be worn inside your bra to catch and store any drips)
  • “Breastfeeding Naturally”, which I would describe as a breastfeeding encyclopedia from the Australian Breastfeeding Association
  • Breast-friendly gel pad
  • “Galactacookies” mix
  • Handmade wool felt cabbage leaf
  • Washable bamboo breastpads
  • Some neat storage bags
  • A beautiful letter of encouragement

The Mamas Milkbar team have recorded a video demonstrating what’s included in the box.


Annette and I had so much fun when I gifted her this box and we went through the items one by one.  As Annette doesn’t yet have any kids, all of the items were very novel and new to her.  She laughed and laughed at the shells, and couldn’t imagine ever wearing them (but I am quite certain she’ll change her mind once her baby comes along).  We both puzzled over the cabbage leave and she was very impressed with the silicone pump.  I was very happy to see “Breastfeeding Naturally” was included – as an ABA member and proud owner of this book, I know how brilliant it is.

I feel like this is a great gift for someone I’m really close to, like one of my sisters or sisters in law, or a really good friend like Annette.  At $159, the Golden Boobies Breastfeeding Box is not only a unique and luxurious gift, but it’s a step towards planning for breastfeeding success, and that’s priceless.

**All views expressed in this post are my own.  I was given Golden Boobies Breastfeeding Box from Mamas Milkbar to review, but did not receive any monetary payment in exchange for a favourable review**

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A New Kind Of Breastfeeding Bra

I was recently sent a Discretion by Gina breastfeeding bra to trial. Robyn at Yummy Mummy Lingerie was keen to get my feedback on this brand new release.  My excitement levels were very high, because 99% of my current bras are cheap, stretchy crop tops with the other 1% being bras with underwires that don’t fit and that I can’t wear, but can’t bear to throw out.

As I need a size 14F, it’s hard to buy bras that fit in department stores. One thing that’s put me off buying bras online before is fear that they won’t fit. The first thing I noticed about Discretion by Gina is that it’s true to size – the 14F that arrived at my home actually fits me! The bra comes with more back strap clips than the usual 3 that comes with a standard bra, which makes it ideal for the post-pregnancy body.

This bra is quite different to other breastfeeding bras. It has an extra panel inside the cup that’s designed to facilitate hands-free breastfeeding. The design is actually patented, which I found really interesting. Nearly every breastfeeding bra I have worn before was basically of the same design, albeit some minor differences with clips and overall fit. Discretion by Gina is the very first bra I’ve ever tried on that had a noticeably different feature – if there’s ever been a cutting edge of breastfeeding attire technology, this is it!  For a twin mama, I imagine this feature must be invaluable.


It’s not especially tight, but what it lacks in support, it makes up for in comfort. When I consider that this bra has been made for new mums who have not yet mastered juggling a baby with perfecting attachment and positioning and burp cloths and covers, and for whom discreet breastfeeding is a major consideration, it’s relaxed fit is actually an advantage. It’s less likely to create or exacerbate blocked ducts, which are a significant factor for new mums.

But perhaps the most exciting aspect for me is how beautiful the bra is. It comprises of a soft pink satin fabric with a black overlay. It made me feel soft, feminine and a little bit sexy. It’s not an everyday bra, which is a good thing for me. If your bra is filled with old, worn, stretched-out bras that cost $10 for a 2-pack at Kmart, you probably don’t need another everyday bra either. You can buy Discretion By Gina direct from Gina or view this bra and many other beautiful items at Yummy Mummy Lingerie.  Buy yourself something nice, you deserve it.

**All views expressed in this post are my own.  I was given a bra by Yummy Mummy Lingerie to review, but did not receive any monetary payment in exchange for a favourable review**

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My Experience With A Menstrual Cup (Guest Post)


Bree Miller has been an admin of Breastfeeders in Australia since it’s creation, over four years ago.  Here she tells us about her positive experience with a menstrual cup

Menstrual management was never really high on my list of priorities. Before I had kids I was on the pill almost non-stop so I rarely ever let myself get a period.

I was never a huge fan of tampons because they were uncomfortable and made me feel dry inside, and pads left me feeling dirty and damp. I didn’t realise there were any other options so I used them out of necessity. After I had my kids hormonal birth control sent me a bit bonkers so I could no longer use it, meaning I had to contend with my monthly mess again.

With the change in the shape of my body tampons now felt incredibly uncomfortable and sometimes painful so they were impossible to use. I was desperate to find an alternative that suited me. I tried cloth pads. While they met my needs in terms of reducing wastage and cost they still made me feel damp and it meant that certain activities, like swimming, were off the agenda while I had my period.

The only other option on the market was a menstrual cup. Honestly, the thought of putting a (seemingly large) plastic cup in my vagina freaked me out a bit. So I put it off for ages. About 2 years ago I finally gave in and built up the courage to order one. It arrived within a few days and thankfully it wasn’t as big as I had imagined and very soft and flexible.

I don’t think I have ever been so excited for my period to come, I just wanted to test it out. It took me two or three cycles to get my groove and fall in love with it. I eventually worked out that I must have a shorter vagina than normal and the stalk (the part that you grasp to remove it) irritated me a bit, but this problem was easily solved by turning the cup inside out. Alternatively it could be cut shorter or off completely.

Once I worked out which folding method suited me it was a breeze. It is the most comfortable form of menstrual management I’ve ever used. I never find myself too damp nor too dry. I could wear it for up to 12 hours so I rarely needed to empty or change it outside of my own home, even at night or on heavy flow days. And I was saving a bucket load of money on disposable products not to mention that my conscious was clearer because I was no longer contributing so much to landfill. I became more aware of my bodies cycles. And my menstrual pain decreased significantly.

Yes menstrual cups do take some time to get used to (usually 3-4 cycles). They are not for everyone. But the benefits of giving it a try well and truly outweigh the bother of learning a new technique for managing our bodies.

Bree Miller


Green your cycle and get 20% off all JuJu products including JuJu Menstrual Cups and JuJu Cloth Pads.  Use the coupon code BreastfeedersAus at the checkout at  Limit of 1 use per customer.  JuJu is the only Australian made and owned brand of menstrual cups.


There is no affiliate relationship between Breastfeeders in Australia or the Peaceful Lactivist and JuJu – the discount code is just a discount code, no commissions are being earned.